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Jamal Amanova is a Product Designer (UX/UI) who oversees the full lifespan of a product: understands the business objectives, knows (and adheres to) the budget, and seeks to identify and address problems with the product. She focuses on user experience, technical design, marketing, and more. Jamal works closely with System Architects, Project Managers, Product Owners, and Agile Teams translating business and user needs into wireframes and prototypes to solve functional problems with a formal solution. Jamal leads the Product Foundation design sessions and creates design systems, navigation, search, design metrics, accessibility and tooling. She is a tech-savvy Design Evangelist with a focus on user-centric and empathetic design. Jamal is dedicated to design simple and elegant user experiences for digital products from idea to execution and committed to take initiative, thrive on change, and be comfortable with ambiguity.

Passionate about: Design & Product Thinking
Motivation: Learning (never done)

UX skills

Product Thinking / Design Thinking / UX research / UX Analytics / Collaboration / User empathy / User Journey Maps / User Flows / Information Architecture / Storyboarding / Wireframing / Prototyping / Usability Testing / Iterating

UI Skills

UI Prototyping / Polished Mockups / Atomic Design / Interaction Design / Style Tiles / Moodboards / Visual communication / Graphic Design / Usability Testing / Iterating

Software skills

Sketch / Figma / Principle / Abstract / Axure RP9 / Invision / Zeplin / Adobe Photoshop/ Adobe Illustrator/Adobe XD/ Adobe Bridge / HTML & CSS / Android Studio / Swift / Xcode / WordPress

UI/UX Design

I develop user-centric wireframes, layouts and functional prototypes for websites, mobile apps, and digital products into the user’s hands quickly.

Web Design

I craft light user-friendly designs including visual elements such as color, hierarchy, texture, shape, images, typography, composition, and much more.


I design visual collateral for businesses to help them efficiently communicate their vision while putting user experience definition into the action.


I enjoy translating user needs, what user experience should look like, and what technology experts can do for it (HTML & CSS, Javascript, and WordPress).


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Tel: +1 814 8264324
E-mail: [email protected]