GM Fleet_2022

GM Fleet

Currently responsible for supporting Digital Fleet Revolution by reimagining B2B digital products with innovative solutions to help clients accelerate management, organization, and coordination of their work vehicles from a central data platform. The goal for businesses is to keep their fleets operating smoothly by reducing costs, improving performance, and ensuring compliance with government regulations by collecting, storing, processing, monitoring, reporting on and exporting information. Bringing game-changing technology to GM’s suite of offerings. Integrating fleet and facility management tools of GM’s OnStar Vehicle Insights and the BrightDrop Software Platform for a wide range of fleet segments, including delivery, vehicles (ICE and electric), sales, utilities, motor pool, and Ultium Charge 360. Simplifying fleet charging infrastructure for fleet operators by connecting customers with 12,358 dealers distributing fleet vehicles in 84 countries on 5 continents within one-stop-solution product offerings. Working closely with GM Fleet leadership, UX (onshore and offshore teams) product management, and engineering to design and guide customer experiences for GM Fleet Management tools.

Published: July 10, 2022