PROJECT CONTENT – FinTech is a common mechanism for distributing  financial data to different sub-ledger processes. The main ability of this product to create a timely processing of claims to ensure high quality enhancement to pharmacy claims pipelines. 

DESIGN CHALLENGE Design and build UI workflow that provides an ability for users to initiate requests for operational reports, pending approval accounts, surcharge processes, and claim fallout cases so users could validate and maintain financial reimbursement processes within one product. 

MY ROLE – Enterprise Product Designer

COMPANY – Cigna | Pharmacy IT | Evernorth

TIMELINE –  November 2020 – Present






We’ve started with identifying  unanswered questions to explore rather than just problems to solve. It was beneficial for our team to leverage from the Enterprise Design Thinking methodologies and best practices such as  5 Whys , research playbacksactivities, and loop to create momentum within the team.

Project content – build a common mechanism for distributing  financial data to different sub-ledger processes. The main purpose of this project is to enrich Pharmacy data coming from the system and maintain the claim payments for new or adjusted pharmacy services to designated providers in a timely manner to ensure high quality enhancement to pharmacy claims pipelines. 

Objectives – We are looking for solutions to help the financial team in advancing their technology and automation services for better customer care. Additionally, we hope to address how the FinTech will help the team to maintain business rules and claim payments within one tool.  

To accomplish this we will examine:

  • What resources Cigna currently offers to clients and customers in medicare and commercial services
  • What challenges the financial team faces in supporting financial, operational, and technological needs of their clients  
  • What resources our business users need to support them in maintaining business rules and claim payments in supporting offered services
  • Methods and strategies of client benefit programs currently offered by Cigna

As a result of this research, we will develop a product that enables business users to fill the opportunity gaps in the marketplace. 




“As a user I would like to have an ability to find, view, edit, and download historical data related to financial reimbursement, billing exception, save on, auto recoup, surcharge, bank account maintenance, and operational reports so I could easily complete all my tasks within one tool and keep records of generated records for later use.










 Goal-oriented user who lacks time requires an intelligent platform that would provide an ability to initiate requests for  surcharge processes so she/he could advance efficiency of the workplace and offer better customer services.















Published: June 18, 2021